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<p class="MsoNormal">Today's industrial environment is characterized by Skilled Manpower, Modern Technology &amp; effective implementation of Training in various Vocations emerging in various sectors like Construction, Automobile, Fabrication, Hospitality, IT &amp; other Services. Maharashtra has 25 million young populations in the age group of 20 - 30 years. But only 5% of them has obtained Vocational Skills through formal means. Whereas, the average percentage in industrialized countries is 50%. About 63% of the School Student dropped out different stages before reaching Class X. Only about 1.25 Lakhs Vocational Training Seats are available in Maharashtra, whereas about 15 Lakhs Persons enter the Labor force every year. I am proud to state here that Maharashtra has the largest no. of Vocational Training Seats in India. Industrial Training Institute is established at every Taluka place in Maharashtra in 35 districts. To cover the unorganized sector, an importance has been given to ... read more
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Comments (3)
Maharashtra Protect - over 3 years ago
NAGAIMATA Architecure Draftsman College.11,Pornima Nagar,back of Goverment I.T.I.College,near Bijali Nagar,Deopur,DHULE.This college gives tremendous fraudulence with MSBVE & students.Because of very small teachers,no proper classrooms sizes,no practical instruments,courses are more but no classrooms available,no library table chairs available which are reqaired ,no proper education due to shortage of teachers staff & books.Please take a prompt strict action of this college for safe education.
Manoj - over 3 years ago
NAGAIMATA Architecure Draftsman College.11,Pornima Nagar ,Dhule this college is more popular in dhule city . best staff ,best building ,more books , more qualify teachers. i am student this college & my college is best college in dhule city.
Patil Samadhan Vasant - over 3 years ago
I an a student of NAGAIMATA ARCHITECTURE DRAFTSMAN college dhule
Nagai college have more popular in this two year in dhule city beacose of it having good
staff which is teach very good in did i have also giving the exam of architectural draftsman course which is have two year duration
In this last two year the teacher of nagai college teaching very well than other private colleges it was preparing the whole syllabus of course before teaching who was also theoretical or practical it was gives a better knowledge to student
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